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Sansa Stark Appreciation Week - Day 7: Anything you like                                                               Sansa + Sass

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do all moms assume that if you have a friend of the opposite gender then youre romantically interested in them

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Literary Word Count Infographic: http://shortlist.com/entertainment/books/literary-word-count-infographic

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Why I’m A Feminist

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Gif meme » anonymous asked: Got ladies + 3 (bruised and battered)

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Ok, this is probably a very bad idea to post it here, but here goes.

This originated from a simple thought that after the event’s of second movie, Hiccup is going to have a REALLY hard time. He’s often going to hide in the shadows, exhausted. How to lift the mood of someone who’s down? with a little affection. Sometimes it comes a little unexpected…

A series of sketches with a little colors splashed. After scanning it wasn’t exactly clear what was in the shadow and what was not.

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In which John ventures outside to discuss heck takers, hectares, Bill Gates, the foreign minister of Ethiopia, signing books for a crowd of two, and his many mortifications.

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how to tell i am comfortable talking to you:

  • i say things that make zero sense
  • i say the random things that come to mind
  • i act like a complete idiot when talking to you
  • i use dumb emoticons 
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It honestly breaks my heart to think that somewhere in the world right now, Jennifer Lawrence (in addition to multiple other women) may very well be crying her eyes out because her privacy has been greatly compromised in one of the most awful ways possible. This is so fucking disgusting and whoever did this is a fucking low-life pig.

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So apparently iCloud was hacked and pretty much every female celebrity’s nudes were leaked. I’d like to remind my followers not to post them, because they’re supposed to be private, and just because some asshole leaked them doesn’t mean you should make it worse by spreading them around.

never trust the cloud

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there’s a lot of unspoken pressure to keep liking the things you used to like and to keep dressing the way you’ve always dressed and to never question what you believe in and basically “be yourself” has slowly morphed into “be what everyone knows you as” but trust me when i say if you just give it up and simply make decisions and take actions based purely on what would make you happy, you’ll gain a very comforting sense of self peace   

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Tamera Mowry Responds to Critics of Her Interracial Marriage ( x )

YOOOOOOO that second insult though. SHIT

And here’s the thing that gets me, she ONLY speaks of love. She doesn’t insult black men, or speak of black men or white men as the alternative or better option, she speaks of love. 

That’s so sad, because it is love. Not an, “I don’t like black men because…”. 

Im crying

I’m almost crying over this. Tamera Mowry is a sweetheart. I had NO idea she was getting so much grief over this! It’s ridiculous! I just want to give her a hug right now. 

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I love Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman - those are the careers I want. My goal is to win an Oscar, and I’m going to take the steps to get there.

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